A Beginner’s Guide to Solar Inverter

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So, thinking of investing in a solar inverter? Understandably, you want the best inverter that would be value for your money. However, how do you know what is best, with everyone guaranteeing their products? Deciding on the right solar panel inverter in Wamberal can be tricky for you, especially when you are at it for the first time.

No matter what, you will need to have a brief idea about what it does to help you. Solar power that is produced by the panels passes through the inverter. It contains safety shutdown electronics, known as anti-islanding protection. This makes it important for you to invest in the right product that offers you the most advanced performance.

A Good Solar Panel Inverter Should Have the Following Qualities:  

Can You Use It in Australia?

While choosing the right inverter, the first thing is to know if the product complies with the standards of Australia. You can check out whether or not is meeting the standards, see the product list on the Clean Energy Council’s report.

You must buy a certified product to use it in your house. The company you are buying it from also should be a reputed one.

What is the Perfect Size of a Good Solar Inverter?

Generally, it is a confusing topic. A good inverter must take the maximum power generated by the solar system of your house. It means that when you need a 5kW solar system, you are getting 5kW of solar panels along with a 5kW inverter.

You are needed to be aware of that solar inverters are generally rated as AC and DC  output. While buying an inverter, you will need to be sure that your solar inverter is rated so that it can suit the solar panel outputs.

There are some retailers who will provide you with a larger product, to help you to add some extra panels latter. Now, before you make any decision, you will want to consider certain things like:

  • Do you have enough area on the roof to place a solar system?
  • Will your current panels remain available in the near future?

Is the Inverter Weather-proof?

There are certain grid inverters that are weather-proof and can be easily placed on areas having certain element exposure. Others are not weather-proof, so you might need to add a weather-proof system if you place the inverter exposing to the weather.

How Do You Know if It is a Bad One?

A majority of the solar inverters supplied by Australia’s reputable retailers are good at quality-wise.however, there can be some issues that may have not managed to pass the test of Australian compliance. So, before you buy one, make sure that you check on the ever-increasing list of reviews of solar inverters. These reviews will help you determine what to pick.

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