Everything You Want to Know about Solar Inverters

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You have already decided to install a solar panel system in Wyong in your property. Without having knowledge of the basics of solar systems, it cannot take you any further. Solar systems typically comprise of several key elements, and solar inverter is one of the major components of them.

In the event of your solar photovoltaic system absorbing the sunlight, direct current energy is being produced. However, since a majority of houses are designed to use alternating current energy, this is why DC energy is not so useful.

What is a Solar Inverter?

If you are considering solar panel installation, it makes sense to know what a solar inverter is. A solar panel inverter works to convert the electricity generated by the solar panel into the type of current used by the house. In simpler form, a solar inverter is meant to convert the DC current into AC current energy. The more energy being produced, the additional electricity gets back into the solar grid. Or in case you store batteries in your house, you can store additional power for later.

These days, a variety of new hybrid solar inverters are in popularity that comes with an integrated battery management system. In the Australian climate, it is worth investing in good quality solar power panels, so that they can remain in functioning condition for years to come.


String Inverter

This is the most commonly used inverter that is also an affordable option for many. A string inverter is typically ideal for house owners seeking relatively cheap solar panel system. This inverter is easy t maintain, which makes it a feasible option for all.

In solar panels for home featuring string inverter, each and every panel is interconnected together in a particular series. These inverters are placed on single planes, without having any obstruction or shading.  


A micro inverter is designed to work with a mini inverter, which is an ideal solution for homeowners having shading issues. Each solar panel works individually meaning it will not affect other components. The good thing about this panel is that even if a panel fails, other panels will still generate power.

DC Optimiser

This inverter is also known as power optimiser, which is the newest type of all. They are like a blend of string inverter and microinverter. DC optimisers are installed to an individual panel on string inverters, which are getting affected by shades. The good thing about DC optimiser is that they cost relatively less as compared to micro inverters.

What is the Best Type of Inverter for Your House?

There is no hard and fast rule that determines which inverter you should opt for. With several factors to take into consideration, sometimes, it can be difficult to decide on the right inverter. If you are confused about what solar inverter would suit best for your home, it is better to consult a professional. At Solar Water Wind, we have the knowledge of how solar panels work best and can help you with deciding on the inverter that will suit your house.