How Do You Incorporate Battery Backup to an Already Existing Solar System?

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Are you seeking battery backup for your current grid-tie solar inverter? Grid-tie solar inverters are meant to change to assimilate with a battery back-up system, for this you will need to incorporate adding new elements for making the inverter safe for the batteries.

However, solar battery backup in Toukley can be expensive. But if you are worried about the blackouts you are suffering with and want a value-for-money solution for that, you can consider gas generators. Gas generators take hardly some minutes for the engines to get started, make sure that your warm it up and start generating power to it.

Once you have decided that solar battery backup is something that you can go for, here you will get to know how to get it done right.

  • Change your grid-tie inverter and invest in a storage-ready inverter
  • AC coupling
  • DC coupling

Replacing Your Grid-tie Inverter with a Good Storage Ready One

This can be the most expensive for you, yet it will be worth your every penny. Again this process is a flexible one and will work for every grid-tie solar system. You will get plenty of inverter options in the market that are specially designed to accommodate the energy store. 

Below are some of the examples:

  • You can replace your SMA or another 600V string inverter with the Outback Skybox
  • Microinverters can be replaced with any system that is storage ready

In most of the cases, this replacing solution is a preferable one if you want to adopt your current system with any AC / DC coupling as these systems are meant for storing energy as much as possible. You can get some features including selling back for utility in the peak time.

Benefits of replacing:

  • This process works for all systems
  • There are some extra features in a storage ready inverter system


  • This process of replacement can be very costly for you

AC coupling

The grid-tie inverter needs a power grid for effective operation. They can sense grid voltage along with frequency, shutting down when there is a fall in the range.


It is the best way to retrofit the system, especially if it is a micro-inverter. Also, the battery bank can connect with the Radian that is installed amongst the grid-tie inverter with the load panel.


There is a strict guideline for inverter, the size of the battery makes this process of sizing. The system might not work if the size of the battery bank is a little less. 

DC Coupling

In this method, the solar system is connected to the battery bank, for this, a charge controller is needed.


DC coupling method can work in a wider range of inverters that are off-grid and also battery bank size.


The switch of manual transfer means that you have to initiate the PV charging. In case you do not remember to do that, the system will provide power stored in the backup, however, the battery bank would not get a charge from the solar system until you manually flip its switch.

If you are in the lookout for a good solar battery backup for your inverter, Solar Water Wind is the way to go for you.