How the Voltage Drop is Related to the Efficiency of the Solar Panel System?

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When current runs through an electrical circuit, a little amount of voltage gets lost because of the resistance found in the wires. This process is referred to as a voltage drop, which causes a little production damage from the solar array.

Voltage drop is something that is more distinct in longer distances. When you choose to opt for a solar panel system in Wyong, your primary goal is designing a system that is of minimal voltage drop, this is because the array performs at its best. The best practice is to keep the voltage drop at approximate 3%.

Why Does Voltage Drop Matter?

It is a no-brainer. Voltage drop is something having a direct influence on the production of a solar panel system. In case the wiring run remains too long, the panels might not generate enough voltage into the solar inverter. The effectiveness of the whole system will get affected and the production will not be going to live up to the rating.

Here are the ways; one can reduce the occurrence of voltage drop while designing the entire solar system:

How to Decrease the Voltage Drop?

Lessen the Wiring Run Length

Longer wiring run can lead to more drop in voltage, this is why you might want to cut the wiring run short. While designing the solar system, make a plan of a layout which keeps the components near each other.  

Consider Placing the Inverter Cautiously        

AC wiring is more susceptible to a drop in voltage than high voltage DC wiring. Or vice versa. In fact, it depends on the circuit voltage different equipment tends to operate at different ratings of voltage.

The inverter must be placed near the low-voltage circuit end; it will then help minimize the impact of the drop in voltage in wiring run.  

Opt for a Big Wire Size

Some homeowners require opting for longer wiring runs for logistic causes. For instance, you may require running a wire from the home to a nearby barn that might be far apart. If the case is that, make sure you upgrade to the larger wire size. Long wires tend to have greater capacity, meaning there is less resistance, making the solar system more effective and efficient.

Higher Voltage to Overcome Resistance          

In lieu of using larger wires in order to reduce resistance, it is better to overcome the resistance just by using higher voltage wires.

To Wrap Up

Voltage drop is something that matters the most as it leads to voltage loss from the panels. When the voltage drop is more, you can expect less production. While designing a solar system, taking a holistic approach makes sense. That means you want to figure out the places where you are going to place the components. This will finally help you choose the right equipment according to the requirement.

At Solar Water Wind, we are aware of the fact that solar panel installation is not an easy task; it requires expertise, knowledge and understanding into the whole subject. Whether you are considering installing a solar system, making sure you choose the right installer to work with.