Upgrade your solar panel system with a Micro Inverter!


What’s the difference between an AC Conventional Inverter & a MicroInverter?


Whilst both these systems work well to generate solar electricity for your home, microinverters are a miniaturised version of a normal inverter which allows for more flexibility within your system. Micro Inverters are also newer in technology.

solar micro inverters


conventional solar inverter

Conventional Inverter

What’s the main benefit of a microinverter?


Apart from it’s minimalist aesthetics, the key benefit of using a microinverter vs a traditional inverter means that each solar panels output works independently whereas with a conventional inverter, if one panel is affected in some way, the output of every panel will be reduced.


What’s the cost difference?


Whilst micro-inverters have a slightly higher initial outlay, it is argued that you will getter a better return on your electricity generation due to them being installed on each panel individually therefore maximising each panels output.


How Can We Help?


Whether your looking to install a completely new system or upgrade your current solar panels, our local central coast solar technicians will provide you on the best advice on how to maximise your solar efficiency. Our free onsite quote allows us to get a better understanding of your home and exposure in order to provide a more accurate quote for your situation.

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