Solar Panel Servicing and Maintenance

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Solar Panel Maintenance across The NSW Central Coast & Newcastle

Regular residential and commercial solar maintenance is essential in order to keep your solar panels operating properly. Think of it this way, you get your car serviced in order to keep it running safely, correctly and efficiently – the same should apply with your solar panels!

Overtime, your solar panels can get affected by:

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Dust & Debris

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Water & Moisture Seepage

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The Elements (Hail, Wind & Sunlight)

Regular maintenance can combat these common issues and will help to ensure that your solar system is functioning as it should be. This will also ensure the safety of the people frequenting the home or building, as well as the electrical workers that work on the distribution network.

As part of our solar panel maintenance service, we ensure the following:

  • The panels are clean and free of defects
  • All parts of the system, including wires, are in good working order (no damage, deterioration or corrosion)
  • The vents are clean with no debris
  • All fittings and cables are securely attached
  • The inverter display panel is reviewed for recorded faults
  • Clear access to the isolator switches
  • Emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed
  • We can also install VEXO Solar Mesh Guards to keep birds & vermin out of the solar panels

Solar Brands We Service and Maintain

Solar Water Wind has 15 years of experience in repairing inverters all across NSW Central Coast & Newcastle. If you need solar panel inverter repairs, we’re here to help. We are confident that we can get your solar back up and running again, quickly and efficiently. Contact us today!

Why we've remained as one of the most trusted solar repairers in the Central Coast

Julie Stoker
Julie Stoker
What a fantastic experience with Solar Water Wind. Quality service, work and outcomes. Great communication, friendly and supportive. Highly recommend!
Allan Rees
Allan Rees
Solar Water Wind have been especially professional, helpful and courteous during all stages of our association and I have no hesitation in rating them 5 stars or recommending their services and expertise to my neighbours, family and friends.
Charlie Bissett
Charlie Bissett
When needing a company to review my solar system Solar Water Wind came out and assessed the performance. A written report was provided which was submitted to insurance for a claim. Once approval received replacement system installed and old panels removed. Overall can’t rate the team here highly enough from the start to the end. Thanks everyone at Solar Water Wind
Greg Bach
Greg Bach
We are happy to recommend Solar, Water, Wind. We received the very best help, advice and service from every member of the staff. Our solar panels were replaced after storm damage and the work was carried out tidily and efficiently by the tradesmen. Highly recommended.
Scott & Nina Izzard
Scott & Nina Izzard
Great service, helpful with information from start to finish. Highly recommended.
Sue Libonati
Sue Libonati
From the very start and until the finish the whole process has been fabulous. Its been fabulous because there has been no stress .information has flowed freely. Lloyd and his whole team are amazing. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with every single team member within this process . The amazing team that spent 3 days at our place were fantastic, so respectful and a pleasure to deal with . I cannot say enough about this amazing business but THANK YOU
Phil Dyball
Phil Dyball
We recently had to call Solar Water Wind to come and have a look at our existing Solar ( Who numerous other Companies would'nt do) They are a very Professional Company to deal with and supplied us with an excellent product Lloyd and his team are a credit to this family business
Roger Bayliss
Roger Bayliss
I liked the sound of these guys from the website. So I called and Lloyd was most responsive. Dale visited a few days later and checked our 36 panel system throughly. We did not have any issues, but amazingly there was no charge. I tried to gift Dale some premium beers but he declined. These people are seriously good and I will be back for a solar service anytime.
Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson
Great service and friendly staff and a great company to deal with I would recommend this company to anyone

Do solar panels need servicing?

Solar panels may require servicing for a variety of reasons. Even though there may not be visible issues with them if your electricity bills are higher and you suspect they aren’t performing as they used to, booking a solar panel service can pinpoint exactly what needs to be addressed and restore your solar panels to peak performance.

Call us on 02 4315 2391 or fill in the form to enquire about our solar maintenance services and VEXO Mesh Guard installations for your current setup.

Newly installed solar panels in Bateau Bay

Need help keeping birds and rodents off your solar panels?

If you believe that prevention is better than cure, then VEXO Mesh Guards are the ideal option for protecting your solar panels and lengthening their lifespan. Birds and vermin can inflict significant damage to your panels and their cables, costing you quite a bit in the long run. Professionally installed VEXO Mesh Guards can do wonders in keeping pesky pests out while retaining your panels’ appearance and power. They’re a simple solution that can prevent many complicated problems later on.

We offer installation of the VEXO Solar Mesh Guards and are the exclusive distributor throughout the NSW Central Coast.

If you’re interested in learning more about our solar maintenance services and VEXO Mesh Guard installations for your current setup, give us a call on 02 4315 2391 or fill out the contact form.

How do we install the Solar Mesh Guards?

Diana Hanks

“Thanks so much for your great Solar Water Wind team effort and for quickly getting the job done. Everyone should be congratulated for the pleasant and efficient manner the installation was carried out.”

Solar Maintenance FAQs

Can you refurbish solar panels?

Unfortunately, solar panels can’t be refurbished as the technology changes so rapidly – new solar panels are not compatible with older panels.

How often should solar panels be serviced?

Normally, you should service your solar systems every five years, but this can also depend on the maintenance schedule provided by your solar installer

How do you service a solar system?

We inspect the entire system, identify all issues, and perform all necessary adjustments or repairs.

Solar Simplified

Solar Water Wind have been the trusted experts for stress-free solar system repairs, maintenance and installation on the Central Coast for over 15 years. There is no problem too big, or too small.

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