The Lesser Known Facts About Solar Panels

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It is a fact that the demand for solar panels has increased a lot in recent years. Also, they have become affordable now than they were before. Before beginning the discussion of solar panels or PV modules, it is best to start talking about the right panels to get any confusion out of the way. Today, you can decrease the initial investment in the solar panels through tax incentives, bulk pricing as well as energy credits.

It needs to be understood that all the solar panels are not the same because the cheaper panel will not produce enough electricity that you might need on an everyday basis. That is why when you are looking for the right solar panels based on your needs and budget, you need to understand the different statistics related to it.

Solar Water Wind is a renowned company that provides solar panel installation services, solar panel battery in Wyong as well as back-up options based on the needs of the customers. In actuality, there are different factors that go along with the type of PV panels you are choosing for your need. Check the points given below for more information on this subject.

Statistics of Solar Panels

Before comparing one solar panel to another, it is important to get an understanding of the standard measurements that separates different types of solar panels from each other. Like measurements of efficiency, power output as well as of the operating temperature coefficients which are identified under standard testing conditions. Knowing the measurements will help any homeowners choose the right solar panel that will suit their condition and needs. 

Efficiency Rating

The efficiency rating in a solar panel is nothing but a measure of its efficiency of converting the energy received from the sun into the form of electricity. To describe in a more specific way the measurements are done in kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy that is created from every watt on the nameplate rating of your panel. Usually, panels have ratings between 14% and 20% which may seem small but the all-time measure for understanding panel efficiency in the best lab conditions is over 25%. In other words, it is the characteristic of electricity production by a photovoltaic system and the rest 80% production is lost by dissipated heat.

Quality of Panels

In the current times, panels can be usually judged by the efficiency rating, durability rating and its cost. The contrast in characters of these panels also differs by manufacturer, types as well as in the year when they were manufactured. It has to be said that the quality of the solar panel is rapidly evolving with the passage of time. Hence, make sure to hire professionals who are updated with the latest technologies in the current times. You should also know that the cost of the solar panels is 30% of the complete cost of your system.   

If you have decided to buy solar panels then it is better that you do research on the current market prices. The right thing to do would be to talk to an experienced solar panel installer before coming to any conclusion.