What are the Different Options for Solar Battery Backup in Toukley?

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Home solar battery storage is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, and the most in-demand feature is backup power. The backup power provides electricity to a home even when the grid is down, or there is a disruption in the power supply for long hours. You can come across a variety of solar battery backup in Toukleybut you need to keep in mind some important considerations while opting for one.

Clarity on the Capacity of Backup of Your Solar Battery is a Must

There is often a misconception that all solar systems with batteries have backup power as an essential functionality. This is because of the history of use in off-grid power systems where there is no grid connection. In fact, many battery storage products available in a large number of shops in Australia either do not provide backup support or require a special inverter to offer it.

So the point is this, if it is backup power that you are looking for in your solar system of heating and lighting your homes, make sure that you’ve received clear confirmation about it from the company which has designed or even installed it in your premises.

Types of solar battery backup

There are about four approaches to home solar battery backups. These are:

Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS 

Such type of battery backup is used in places that require an uninterrupted flow of power like healthcare services, industries, critical care centres etc. It is the industrial-grade solution for backup power needs of an entire building where a continual operation is vital. With a UPS, if the grid goes down, the lights within your the establishments will probably not even flicker. Most households do not require such backup unless they are operating some critical medical equipment. 

Interruptible Power Supply or IPS

The next step down from a UPS is the interruptible power supply or IPS. An IPS will allow your entire home to run on solar batteries if the grid goes down, but it is not uninterrupted. You will experience a flicker where power goes out in your home for a few seconds and again comes back as the backup system steps into gear. You will be able to use nearly all of your appliances as usual for as long as your batteries last.

Emergency Power Supply 

This is a highly affordable and popular partial backup solution for your homes. When the grid goes down, some backup power functionality works by switching on an emergency circuit. The home power devices linked to this circuit like lights, fans, fridge, etc. to continue running with the solar battery backup in Toukley or solar panels during this blackout. 

 Partial off-grid Solar and Storage System

With such a partial off-grid system of power backup, the idea is to construct a dedicated ‘off-grid’ section of the home. Such a dedicated grid will function continuously on a solar battery system large enough to keep going without drawing energy from the grid. The essential household loads of light, fridges etc. keep running without disruption even if the grid goes down. Moreover, since the solar batteries are sized to run ad infinitum on their own without the energy from the grid, there is no need to ration energy unless new devices are required to the plugin.