What Are the Lesser-known Facts about Solar Panel System?

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The advancement of solar technology is a process that never seems to come to an end. Solar panels have changed the way the world is powered. The process of solar electricity generation is really vital if you grab the opportunity of taking full advantage of solar energy. There is nothing like it. Whether you are currently willing to make an investment in a solar system or you have already invested in one, you might be pondering how these solar panels really work. Be it commercial solar systems in Central Coast, or residential solar panels, it makes sense that you have a solid grasp on this matter.

Here is a Breakdown of How Solar Panels Work

How Does a PV Panel Work?

To answer it in short, photoactive solar panels (PV panels) work to absorb the sunlight while converting the solar energy into electricity. The panel is comprised of silicon cells that are interconnected in between in order to create a circuit. The solar panels can be designed and formed in order to suit different styles and sizes for a variety of uses. For instance, for a commercial system, a solar panel might have more cells as compared to the ones that are meant for residential purpose.

Solar panels are designed to receive energy only from the sunlight and not from the heat. There are photon particles in sunlight that help release electrons upon the hit on the silicon cells of the panel. After the release of electrons, they tend to move quickly aided by the electric field, generating energy. Those electrons then move through the solar panel.

Finally, those electrons find their way to the solar inverter present in the solar system. The solar panels work to convert the light from the sun into low-voltage DC current, although a majority of buildings are wired to accommodate higher-voltage AC current. Hence, in order to utilize the solar energy produced by the panels, imperative it is to pass the electricity through the inverter that adapts the voltage right from the solar panels.    

Want to Go Off-grid?

So if you are considering getting disconnected from the traditional electricity system, and want to entirely rely on your own energy, solar batteries could save you. Just a few things that you want to consider before that:

The battery and solar system must be big enough to cover energy use in peak times and blackouts. The whole idea can seem to be complex if your house in a region where it experiences climate variation. So you will need to invest in larger systems that can be expensive to install as well as maintain.

So, before you take the leap, make sure you consider doing some research and speak to your professional solar panel installer. At Solar Water Wind, we are a team of efficient solar panel installers who have the knowledge to help you make the most of solar energy. Whether it is a residential building, commercial or industrial, we have worked with a variety of clients.