Solar Panels or Battery – What Would Be the Right Choice?

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More and more people are turning to the solar electric system in Gosford. Investing your money in a battery is more viable for the solar system. However, if you already have a solar system, you might be wondering whether or not it is a good idea to invest in solar battery or more panels.

Why People in Australia are Choosing Solar Battery Over Panels?

Advancement in the technology of battery has made it easier for property owners to have access to solar storage solutions. Modular battery-package along with potent features like extended warranties, blackout protection, as well as advanced monitoring is getting abundance. People are ready to make an investment in solar storage units, to secure their financial, security, lifestyle reasons.

Solar batteries are made to store additional power, which you would have exported to use the energy during the evening. Choosing an appropriate battery solution boosts the volume of energy produced, while drastically reducing the energy bills.

Solar batteries along with blackout protection can help you keep the essential appliances running in good condition. Be it a fridge, or light or the TV or the radio, everything will be running smoothly with solar batteries.

Battery Versus Panels

If you have noticed an increase in the use of energy after the installation of your solar system, it makes sense to opt for extra panels. For example, in case there are more people in your house, installing solar panels is a good idea. Though, the inverter capacity, shading, roof space availability can be proven to be a limitation.

When deciding on renewable energy investment, there comes a question. Do you choose to export solar energy or achieve greater control while taking the next step towards energy independence?    

Even though solar panels make a feasible option, a solar battery is something that will open up a range of possibilities:

  • Use excess daytime solar for charging the battery
  • Store the power to use it during the evening
  • Charge a battery overnight
  • Keep the appliances running at their best
  • Join in energy market initiatives         

Why Not Take the Plunge?

Want to set your feet at the next step of energy independence? The solar battery would make the right choice for you then. At Solar Water Wind, we are dedicated to coming up with solar energy solutions for households, commercial purposes. Our solar power system in Lake Haven is of the greatest quality that you would want to invest in.