What Don’t You Know about Solar Batteries?

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There is no denying the fact that solar energy is amongst the top growing sources of energy in Australia. Furthermore, the rise of the popularity of solar power has led to an increase in the demand for another technology, which is solar panel battery in Wyong.

Usually, a solar system includes an inverter, devices to mount the panels in the roof plus a performance monitoring equipment that tracks electricity production. The solar energy is captured by the panels and turned into electricity that is transferred through the inverter, and then converted to a form which powers our home. Choosing the right solar panel inverter in Wamberal is very important to ensure the proper functioning of the solar system.

It needs to be understood that maximum residential solar energy systems are connected to the grid. If the panels are producing more electricity than the property needs, it is sent back to the power grid. On the other hand, when your home needs more heat than the amount solar panels are producing, then there is the facility to draw power from the grid.

  • Solar batteries function by converting the DC energy produced from the solar panels and storing it as AC power for future use. In few cases, solar batteries have their inverter as well as offer integrated energy conversion. Very few know that the higher the battery capacity, the more the solar system can charge.
  • If someone installs a solar battery as a component of the solar system in the house, it will help in storing extra solar electricity instead of sending it back to the grid. Also, when the solar panels are producing more power, then it will go towards charging the battery. If in the future, the solar panels are not producing enough electricity, then the energy will be drawn, which was stored earlier in the battery for night usage.
  • It must be known that the electricity will only be sent back to the grid after the battery is ultimately charged. Besides, you will be able to draw power from the grid only when the battery is depleted.

In actuality, it explains that properties with solar-plus-storage can store excess solar power onsite when the sun is not shining onsite, for later use. The best part is that solar batteries save energy at home, plus they also provide short-term backup power in case of a power outage in the area.

The abovementioned facts are just a few of many other aspects of solar batteries that are available in the contemporary market. Solar Water Wind provides all commercial, residential and industrial solutions efficiently with skilled and experienced professionals. They believe in customer satisfaction and work with both new and existing clients.