6.6 kW Solar Panel Installation 


Our 6.6 kW solar panel systems are perfect for homeowners who are looking to maximise their home’s energy efficiency. Our solar installation service covers all of the Central Coast.


How much electricity will a 6.6 kW solar panel system generate?


There are various factors to be taken into consideration when calculating the electricity generated by a 6.6 kW solar panel system, such as the positioning of your home, however, most of our customers on the sunny Central Coast have reported generating between 23-25 kW per day which is well above the Australian average usage which is said to be 18 kW per day.

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What Solar Subsidies are available?


There are government incentives available for Central Coast homeowners looking at solar power installation for their homes. Our solar consultants will happily discuss what benefits are available to you when you decide which system you’d like to install.


How Do Feed-In Tarrifs Work?


Once your solar panels are installed and you’re generating more electricity than your using, a fee is then paid to you for any excess electricity that is being sent back to the grid. The rate of payment will differ depending on your provider.


How many solar panels will I need to have on my roof?


Again, the number of panels required will differ between households, however on a 6.6 kW solar panel system, we would generally install around 20 modules.

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What other types of solar panel systems are available?


A 6.6 kW solar panel system is suitable for most homeowners however, depending on your power needs, Solar Water Wind can also supply and install larger 8 kW and 15 kW solar systems.

An 8 kW solar system will create roughly 35 kWh of electricity per day on average, whereas a 15 kW system would generate around 80-90 kWh per day for residences with higher energy demand or for small and medium-sized businesses.


Why Solar Water Wind?


Unlike other solar specialists, our company has been servicing the NSW Central Coast for over 10 years and providing households with the best options to suit their existing requirements. Prior to quoting our customers, we provide an onsite visit to ensure that we are quoting for the best system to suit your needs as well as providing an after-sales service to ensure your system is running at optimum capacity.


For more information on our services or for a quote on a residential solar power installation in the Central Coast, call us today on 02 4315 2391.

Booking a solar panel installation is simple

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1. Get in touch with us

Our team will work with you to schedule an appointment for our solar technician to inspect your roof.

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2. Inspect and order

Our solar technician will visit your home and recommend some options for your solar system.

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3. Install

After our solar technicians have installed your new solar system, you’ll begin to maximise your home’s energy efficiency.

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How much does a 6.6kW solar system produce?

Typically, over the course of the year, a 6.6kW solar system will produce around 30kW per day.

How do solar panels work at night?

Solar panels do not generate electricity at night. The best option is to install a larger solar system than is required, and the surplus electricity is then fed into the grid to offset the electricity drawn from the grid at night time.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels convert energy from the sun into DC power (the same current you get from a battery) and the solar inverter then converts DC power to AC power (the same one gets from an electrical socket on your wall).

How many solar panels do I need for my house?

The number of solar panels is determined by two things – the size of your roof available for panels and the amount of electricity you consume. Determining how many you need is best determined by one of our consultants – please give us a call.

How much do clouds affect solar panels?

Solar panels continue to generate power even during cloudy days, but they produce less power than on sunny days.

How many solar panels do I need for a 200 square meter home?

This depends upon the cost of your electricity bill – call us and one of our consultants can help further.

Can solar panels be removed and reinstalled?

Yes, although sometimes the cabling and rail they are attached to no longer comply with current standards and will need to be replaced when the solar panels are re-installed.

Which solar brands do you install?

We supply and install all the major solar brands we have confidence in from our many years of experience, including LG, Tesla, SMA and Solis.

Who can remove and reinstall solar panels?

This is best left to a solar company that specialises in solar power installation and repairs such as Solar Water Wind.

What happens to solar panels after 25 years?

Solar panels will continue to work for longer than 25 years but the solar power efficiency declines as the years pass.