Sydney & Central Coast’s No.1 Solar Panel Repairs

There are a number of reasons your solar panels aren’t generating their desired output and need repairing or servicing. The most common issues our solar technicians have come across are:

broken inverter

Broken Inverter

faulty meter

Faulty Meter

dirt and dust

Dirt & Dust

corrosion or weathering

Corrosion or Weathering

While some broken solar panels and inverters can be repaired, there are some solar system repairs that cannot wait and will require immediate attention in order to prevent more serious house damage:

tripping circuit breaker

Tripping Circuit Breaker

poor wiring

Poor Wiring

Solar Water Wind has been providing solar panel repairs, servicing and maintenance across the Central Coast and Sydney for over 10 years to ensure your solar system is running as smoothly and safely as possible. We also conduct Solar Panel Safety Assessments and have experience in solar repairs on the following brands:

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Need help keeping birds and rodents of your panels?

We offer installation of the VEXO Solar Mesh Guards throughout Sydney and are the exclusive distributor throughout the NSW Central Coast.

How do we install the Solar Mesh Guards?