Commercial Solar Panel Installations

Commercial solar panel installation is generally quite a different process from that of home solar panel installation as it requires some specialised industry knowledge due to its complicated nature. This is also true with commercial solar maintenance.


At Solar Water Wind, our commercial solar panels are categorised into 3 sizes:

30-10 kW Requires permission for installation from your electricity provider Perfect for small business, small warehouses and offices, restaurants and clubs
100-250 kW Requires permission for installation from your electricity provider

Requires installation of a special meter

Best for large commercial factories or buildings
>250 kW Requires specific planning and permission Large commercial premises such as shopping centres
commercial solar installations

Our Commercial Solar Panel Installation Process

If you’re unsure of what commercial solar panel installation would best suit your premises, our certified and accredited solar technicians can help point you in the right direction to ensure your system will provide the best output.


Call us today on 02 4315 2391 to book your onsite quote for your commercial solar panel installation or maintenance. Our technicians are servicing the Central Coast every day.

Booking a commercial solar panel installation is simple

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1. Get in touch with us

Our team will work with you to schedule an appointment for our solar technician to inspect your premises.

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2. Inspect and order

Our solar technician will visit your business and recommend some options for your solar system.

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3. Install

After our solar technicians have installed your solar system, you’ll begin to maximise your business’ energy efficiency.

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How much does a commercial solar system cost?

Typically, commercial solar panel installations have a 2-3 year return on investment based upon the quarterly electricity bill – contact us for more information.

How much power do commercial solar panels generate?

Commercial solar installations have a faster payback period than residential solar systems as most of the electricity is used while the solar system is generating power.

What is the lifespan of a commercial solar panel?

A commercial solar system has a lifespan of 20 – 25 years.