The process for installing commercial solar panels compared to a home solar panel system is generally quite different as it requires some specialised industry knowledge due to it’s complicated nature.


At Solar Water Wind, our commercial panels are categorised by 3 sizes:

30-100KWRequires permission for installation from your electricity providerPerfect for small business, small warehouses and offices, restaurants and clubs
100-250KWRequires permission for installation from your electricity provider

Requires installation of a special meter

Best for large commercial factories or buildings
>250KWRequires specific planning and permissionLarge commercial premises such as shopping centres
commercial solar installations

Our Process

If you’re unsure of what system would best suit your commercial premises, our certified and accredited technicians can help point you in the right direction to ensure your system will provide the best output.


Call us today and book in your onsite quote. Our technicians are servicing the NSW Central Coast and surrounding areas every day.

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