When it comes to powering your home with cleaner and more sustainable solutions, there’s no shortage of brands offering various types of solar equipment including solar panels and inverters that are ideally suited for your property. From Fronius to Tesla and many others, these are the solar brands we work with, their warranty policies, and why they are trusted by our customers.

SMA Solar brings the power and innovation of German engineering to your property, for a cleaner energy output that not only saves your environment but reduces your energy bills as well. From humble beginnings in a backyard workshop to a world-leading solar energy company today, SMA strives to be at the forefront of helping consumers power their properties using sustainable methods.

Through their ongoing goal of providing the best solar solutions for consumers today, SMA’s range includes complete energy systems for your home or business, alongside a wide range of solar panels, solar inverters, battery inverters, and hybrid inverters. With warranty choices of up to 25 years and extensive support, Solar Water Wind is proud to supply and repair SMA products as they are the premier choice for home and business owners for powering their properties with solar.

With 8 global branches and a range of solar solutions suited to many types of properties, it’s not difficult to see why JA Solar is a world leader in providing solar solutions, catering to large-scale projects such as power plants, all the way down to the humble family home.

JA Solar’s range of products also includes both a 25-year product warranty and a performance warranty, providing the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to powering your property sustainably.

Kehua Tech was established in 1988 and has since been a leading provider of solar equipment. Here at Solar Water Wind, we are proud to offer Kehua Tech to our customers when it comes to reducing the energy output of their properties for a more sustainable future.

Kehua Tech provides solar solutions that are ideally suited for your home and business, with a range of central inverters and energy storage products to help your property maximise the benefits of solar. Combined with 60 months of warranty and complete after-sales management, Kehua Tech continues to be a world leader in solar solutions today.

For reliable and sustainable energy for your home or business, Jinko’s solar solutions provide a variety of solar solutions ranging from solar panels to inverters, helping you save the environment while keeping your wallet intact. 

Jinko’s commitment to providing sustainable power solutions is easily seen with their number 1 ranking in globule module shipments three years in a row, alongside a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year linear power warranty. With over 1,000,000 homes worldwide utilising Jinko’s solar solutions, at Solar Water Wind we’re proud to have contributed to that figure!

The name Tesla needs no introduction. A global pioneer in providing cleaner solutions such as electric cars, Tesla also brings its expertise to power your home. With their range of solar panels and Powerwall battery for your property, Solar Water Wind is proud to supply and repair Tesla’s solar solutions.

Tesla offers a complete 10-year warranty and a 25-year performance warranty, for solar solutions that are efficient and reliable.

For your home or business, Fronius’s range of solar equipment remains a popular choice for our clients at Solar Water Wind when it comes to lowering bills and their carbon footprint. With a wide range of solar panels and inverters suited to your property’s setup, embracing the benefits of solar is simple with Fronius.

Fronius also offers warranty selections of up to 10 years, giving your property peace of mind when it comes to clean energy.

Founded in 1984, Astroenergy has been providing solar solutions worldwide that have helped many homeowners and businesses lower both their energy expenses and their impact on the environment. Astroenergy’s solar products cater to every type of operation, from solar farms to local businesses.

Astroenergy’s range of solar products also include a 12-year warranty period, for peace of mind for your property and the environment!

When it comes to solar batteries, Solar Water Wind is proud to supply and repair Aoboet’s solar battery systems, due to their reliability and compatibility with various solar systems.

Sporting a 10-year warranty, you can be assured that an Aoboet solar battery system will keep your solar system powered efficiently while helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

An industry leader when it comes to solar solutions, ABB has gained a reputation for being the premier choice when it comes to solar systems, relied upon by homeowners, businesses, and even power plants. 

With 5 years of warranty and 24/7 support, you can rely on ABB’s solar solutions for your property’s energy needs while doing your bit for the environment.

For a microinverter suited to your home or business’s needs, Beny’s range of microinverters is a solid choice. At Solar Water Wind, we understand the diverse needs of our clients when it comes to solar energy, which is why we’re happy to recommend Beny microinverters for our client properties.

Beny’s microinverters include rapid shutdown, module-level monitoring, and a flexible panel layout, offering optimal performance and reliability. Combined with 25 years of warranty, Beny’s range of microinverters continues to be a popular choice today for powering properties with solar.

Sunport’s goal has always been to ensure that homeowners and business owners have efficient and reliable access to solar. They have also notably become the only GW-scale MWT module manufacturer globally, with various modules considered to be the market leader in Australia and other countries.

Sunport’s solar products include a 12-year product warranty and a thirty-year performance warranty, to ensure that your property remains reliably powered by solar while lowering your bills.

Sungrow has specialised in providing solar PV systems for over 26 years, powering homes and businesses in 150 countries today. From large businesses to small homes, at Solar Water Wind, we’re pleased to say that there’s a Sungrow system suited for your property.

With warranty selections and support for up to 10 years, combined with a wide range of systems, it’s no surprise why Sungrow is a reliable choice for many properties in Australia.

Backed by 20 years of development, Solis Inverters were among the first in providing Australians with reliable solar solutions, with an extensive range of single-phase, three-phase, and energy storage inverters.

For peace of mind when it comes to powering your property, Solis Inverters also include warranty selections of up to 10 years with full after-sales support included.

Established in 2006 with a global presence today, Solar Edge is a world leader in providing solar solutions to homes and businesses. With an extensive range of PV systems and batteries, there’s a Solar Edge product that’s ideal for your property.

Solar Edge also offers warranty periods of up to 25 years, keeping your home reliably powered by cleaner energy.

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