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If you’re located in Kincumber and have realised that your solar system isn’t absorbing power like it used to, or have noticed that you aren’t saving on electricity bills as before, Solar Water Wind is here to help, providing solar system repairs on the Central Coast for all types of issues.


We know the stress that comes with a failing solar system. We also know that rising bills are never pleasant, and a higher carbon footprint isn’t ideal either. You installed your system to save money as well as the environment, and if it’s not helping you do either, we want to help keep your bills plus your carbon footprint down by ensuring it’s back up and running.


For more than a decade, we’ve been providing solar installations on the Central Coast, helping our customers resolve various problems with their solar systems. From faulty inverters to broken panels, we’ve seen it all. Whatever your issue is, you can be assured that Solar Water Wind can address it.

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Hundreds of Aussie households can attest to our service and expertise in repairing their solar systems. Working locally within Kincumber, servicing our community, keeping it environmentally friendly, and helping the locals save are at the heart of what we do. We’re also proud to say that we don’t rely on contractors, rather every repair/installation is from a member of our local team.


If your wallet has taken enough punishment from electricity bills, contact us today to get back the maximum efficiency from your solar system. 


Get in touch with us today at 02 4315 2391 or fill out the inquiry form and our team will get back to you.

How many years have you been installing and repairing solar in Kincumber?

We’ve been repairing solar systems around the Central Coast and in Kincumber since 2011. With our head office being based in Wyong, we’ve spent more than a decade helping the locals save on their electricity bills and reduce their impact on the environment while addressing any concerns they may have with their system. We’re local, and always will be.


Do you use solar contractors?

To provide our customers with the most efficient service, every installation/repair for solar systems is provided by our own team. While other companies might rely on subcontractors, by only utilising our team, we ensure that all solar installations/repairs are done promptly and efficiently. It’s what the Kincumber locals want and deserve.


How much will it cost to repair my solar system?

The cost of repair depends on the issues with your system and will vary. Our Kincumber solar technicians will provide you with a reasonable quote on-site after inspection and there are absolutely no hidden costs for you to worry about. Honest and effective services are why the Kincumber locals choose us.


My old solar installer has gone broke. Can you help with systems under warranty?

If you are unable to contact your previous installer, we can still help you get your system running again as it should. Irrespective of your situation, we will provide you with a reasonable and cost-effective solution for solar repair.

Booking a solar repair in Kincumber has never been easier

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1. Contact

After contacting our team, they’ll work with you to organise a solar system inspection at a time that suits your schedule.

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2. Inspect

We’ll inspect your solar system for any faults, ensure you’re aware of all problems plus necessary repairs, and provide a quote to repair it.

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3. Restore

After our solar technicians have repaired your system, your solar system will be running as efficiently as before.