I have had dealings with Lloyd from Solar Water Wind for over 10 years when his firm installed a solar gas hot water service at my home.  Not only was the installation well done, but his firm has provided reliable and quality backup service when it has been required.

In January of this year the rooftop solar power system  (not installed by Solar Water Wind) ceased working after a severe electrical storm. I had no hesitation in contacting Lloyd and he and his firm immediately came to my aid. His firm diagnosed the problems with the old system, assisted with the insurance claim and installed a new system which is working very efficiently. I also have a “Solar Grid Connect Manual” prepared by Solar Water Wind which gives a complete description of the system as well as instructions as to how to maintain the system at peak efficiency.

After a long association with Lloyd and Solar Water Wind I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants to invest in a very good quality system with the assurance that the quality of the installation will be very high and a very reliable backup service will always be there.