Solar Hot Water

Save Your Power Bills with Solar Hot Water & Electric Systems

With excess sunshine in Australia, it makes an excellent choice to get hot water free from the sun. With the solar electric system from Solar Water Wind, you can have significant savings on your energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our solar hot water systems utilise a wide range of technologies for offering affordable and highly efficient solar water heaters used in the Australian climate. A well-defined solar hot water system might cost you in the beginning, but it will be a cost-effective method as compared to the conventional gas or electric system in due time. The solar hot water systems are good for the planet and your savings too. Solar Water Wind offers highly efficient and long-lasting solar hot water systems.

We recommend using the best quality solar hot water systems. We provide solar hot water system installations throughout Australia and we are proud to be your energy partner for years!

  • Reducing their carbon emissions.
  • Protecting our planet.
  • Heating water for your showers, washing & kitchen use.
  • Help heating anything from commercial-sized pools to modest domestic outdoor jacuzzis.

We Can Assist with the Supply & Installation of

  • SolarArk evacuated tubes solar hot water systems
  • Chromagen flat panel systems
  • Chromagen continuous gas systems

Which all keep the hot water flowing to where you need it!

Electric and gas hot water systems account for approximately 20% of a household’s greenhouse gas emissions, by installing a solar water system you will reduce these emissions and also save up to 75% of your water heating costs! the table below is sourced from the Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW.