Solar Hot Water

By installing products such as our Solar Hot Water Systems, you take the first & possibly most effective step any household can take to:

  • Reducing their carbon emissions.
  • Protecting our planet.
  • Heating water for your showers, washing & kitchen use.
  • Help heating anything from commercial-sized pools to modest domestic outdoor jacuzzis.

We Can Assist with the Supply & Installation of

  • SolarArk evacuated tubes solar hot water systems
  • Chromagen flat panel systems
  • Chromagen continuous gas systems

Which all keep the hot water flowing to where you need it!

Electric and gas hot water systems account for approximately 20% of a household’s greenhouse gas emissions, by installing a solar water system you will reduce these emissions and also save up to 75% of your water heating costs! the table below is sourced from the Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW.

Solar Hot Water 1
Solar Hot Water 2