Solar Systems

Solar Power Systems- Eco-Friendly & Cleanest Source of Electricity

Electricity converted from solar power is a clean and eco-friendly source perfect for today’s world. Growing climate changes and the soaring temperature is enough reminder that the past transgressions are already causing huge problems. Therefore, using a seemingly never-ending energy resource to generate electricity through photovoltaic or PV effect through solar panels is an excellent solution. 

Solar System in Central Coast and the Set-up You would Prefer

The solar panels are fitted to the roof of a building, whether residential or commercial, and they convert the rays of the sun into electricity. The generated electricity is then fed directly to your house or office or any structure you own and used for powering appliances and electrical fixtures you have. If the amount of solar electricity is insufficient, then the grid already existing will help. If the amount of electricity generated by the solar panels is more than what you need or can use, then the excess gets fed into the grid right back. Depending on the area the structure is situated, there is an excellent possibility that the electric company operating in the area will buy the excess electricity from you. 

In effect, your home becomes a mini solar power station, generating electricity and selling it to the grid for use by yourself or your neighbour. If you consistently generate more solar power electricity than you use, the electric company will pay YOU for the excess!

Solar Inverter Replacement in Blue Haven and How We Help with that

Installation of a solar power system is a green and clean source of renewable energy which can be used for centuries to come. It’s ability to generate electricity, is a highly beneficial addition. Used for providing power to homes, communities, and businesses, like the usual source of electricity, solar energy is also the cheapest. Installing a solar power system won’t result in any harmful gas emission, keeping you and the environment safe. The change will be perfect for saving money on your electricity bill as well. As a leading provider of solar inverter replacement and repair at Central Coast, we help our clients to choose the suitable solar panel customisation and installation. 

Solar Inverter System in Berkeley Vale and its Inner Workings  

Along with providing solar panels, we sell solar inverter system too. Each of the components we offer is selected to match the solar power system you want or have at home and can withstand the local climate. The inverter we provide converts DC electricity into AC electricity and used for powering a system as required. The inverter also controls the voltage so that maximum power can be extracted. The Wi-Fi monitoring of the inverter helps you keep track of the performance of the solar power system installed. 

A solar system is an investment that should serve you well & be maintenance-free for years. The systems installed by Solar Water Wind are systems that are reliable and operate at the highest possible efficiency throughout their lifetime.

As this solar system has a life of over 25 years, all the products we supply are designed for Australian conditions & supported by local Australian warranties. We also provide a 2-year warranty on our installation.

Powering your home with reliable and economic green solar energy means you can lower your energy bills and protect yourself from rising electricity costs

What would you do with over $10,500 worth of savings – even after the cost of parts & installation, if it weren’t going to your electricity bills?