The Solar Power Inverters- Important Things You Should Know

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So, are you looking to invest in a solar inverter? You may ask, what is a solar inverter? A solar inverter is one of the most important components of the solar power system and is often considered to be the brains of the operation. (Do they store the power?). All of the solar power collected by your solar panels will pass through the inverter, so if there is a blackout, the inverter will immediately detect the loss of grid power and automatically switch off the inverter. This is called ‘anti-islanding’ protection. Should the inverter not serve this function, due to either poor manufacturing, incorrect installation or poor system maintenance, there is a high risk that a power surge could blow the entire system.

There are a few variables to consider when selecting your solar inverter. Such as,  choosing a company that offers guarantees on their products, and finding the right services that employ qualified professionals to manage installations and system maintenance. Your inverter will require maintenance (how regularly?) to ensure it is in prime working order and to prevent/protect premature (erosion?)

Compliance and sizing are two other main considerations. All products must comply with Australian standards. You can refer to the Clean Energy Council Report to see where and whether your product is listed, as compliant or non-compliant. Navigating these ‘’ may be difficult on your own, so picking a company with an esteemed reputation in the market will assist you on this journey. Solar Water Wind has access to top quality inverters, solar systems and offers reliable installation and maintenance services, at an affordable price. Sizing can be confusing when it comes down to inverters, so talking to your service provider is the best option. Solar Water Wind provides quotes and advice for both residential and commercial clients.