What Do You Need to Know about Solar System?

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You might have seen solar panels on the roofs and found yourself wondering how they really work. Solar energy takes the energy from the sun and changes it into renewable energy, which can be the source of energy for your house. Two major ways you can generate solar power is solar photovoltaic & solar thermal generation such as solar hot water systems. Be it for a residential or commercial solar system in Central Coast, solar systems are the way to go to save money and the environment.

How Does a Solar System Work?

Solar panels used on residential or commercial properties’ roofs are known as ‘solar photovoltaic’ or in short, they are called PV. The system typically works by converting sun rays, through solar panels which in turn generates DC power which is then converted to AC electricity by the solar inverter.

Metal Roofing for Solar Panels

The Installation of solar systems have evolved over the last 10 years and new Australian Standards ensure that the system is safe from earth leakages and electrical faults. Solar Water Wind ensures that all systems comply with all standards and guarantee workmanship for 5 years.

The solar panel racking is certified to Australian Standards and is certified by engineers to ensure the safety of the panels and the customers’ property.

Choosing Who to Install Your PV Systems

If you are thinking of installing a solar system Central Coast on your commercial or residential property, Solar Water Wind is the right place to seek assistance. Call us and we will give you expert advice on choosing a solar system.